Resident Raptors

One great thing about living in Florida is that in the winter, even though some summer birds migrate south to Central America, a ton of northern birds come down to escape the cold, and we get a double dose of raptors all season long. It almost makes up for all the other weird stuff that happens in the state.


This was a single Red-tailed Hawk that soared overhead for so long, I couldn’t help but snap a bunch of pictures. None of them were super great, but there were so many of them, I thought it’d be fun to splice them into a faux RTHA kettle. One can wish, right?

Bald Eagle

And the Bald Eagles have been back and forth all day, flying from one lake to another, presumably to look for Osprey to steal fish from.

RSHAfly2The interloping juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk has been all over the yard lately, eating lizards and starting fights with our resident adult Red-shoulder. I wake up almost every morning these days to a RSHA screaming match outside my window. It’d be annoying, but after spending a few years with Archer, I’m mostly immune to RSHA screaming.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Our resident adult is still hanging around, and I sort of wonder if they’ll work something out between them, or if one hawk will eventually move on. This bird moved in as a juvenile when Archer was still staying in my back yard, so I’m rooting for her. I’ve watched her turn into a beautiful adult of the Florida sub-species, and I’m hoping she’ll defend her right to live in the yard and eat lots of frogs. Right now they seem to be sharing the territory.

Red-shouldered Hawk

They’re just so much fun to watch, especially on windy days.


Nestbox Portraits 2: Hawks, Kites, and a Falcon

After taking portraits of the Owls, I decided to try the Hawks and Kites as well. Callie, an American Kestrel, snuck in there too.

If you’re interested, you can purchase prints of the birds at on Etsy, and the proceeds will go to the Avian Reconditioning Center.

Short-tailed Hawk


Sable, Short-tailed Kite


Callie, American Kestrel



Archer, Red-shouldered Hawk

Mississippi Kite

Pepito, Mississippi Kite

Swallow-tailed Kite

Scooter, Swallow-tailed Kite

SableSable, Short-tailed Hawk

Part 1, the Owls.

Bug Hunting with Archer

Archer is a Red Shouldered Hawk that lives at the Avian Reconditioning Center. We went on our first flight of the fall today, and he put on a show, chasing grasshoppers all over the fields and chasing off the local songbirds.

It’s kind of hard to fly a bird and work a camera at the same time, so I usually don’t bother, but I gave it a shot today – and if nothing else, I came back with a fun record of our afternoon.

Archer Archer

Archer Archer Archer


Archer Archer